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An elegant private space designed for a plethora of events, the banquet hall can be customized according to the requirements of the event taking place. Brisbane’s newest, most exclusive, and exotic wedding venue, Sassy Spoon presents the best banquet hall for your perfect day. The unique photogenic setting enhances the beauty of the distant horizon.

Located just in the heart of the city, Sassy Spoon overlooks the urban life of Brisbane.  The view from the banquet hall at night is dreamy. With distant twinkling lights lighting up the city as decorated diamonds, and the criss-cross yellow sections of the roads, it presents a dreamy urban landscape. The busy city around it adds to the urban vibe of the place. The banquet hall, however, maintains its private aura as space and is the perfect place to host any private party or event. The guests can indulge in delicacies from both the cuisines as the culinary staff are well trained and masterfully equipped in preparing dishes from both lands. With an infusion of the traditional with the contemporary, Sassy Spoon provides a memorable backdrop for the joyous union of two souls.


We aim to make the dinner experience warm, inviting and memorable for you. Our dine-in area makes for an attractive space with plush silk curtains adorning the walls. The restaurant holds a 100 seater capacity. There are several tables having several seater facilities as per the customer’s requirements. For large family or group gatherings, there are 10 seater tables available. For a more private dining experience, 4 seaters are available and even for a more intimate setting there are 2 seaters available as well, for couples.

The marble tables and chairs with plush seaters are all a rich hue of mahogany, amping up the oomph factor of the restaurant. The entire restaurant is painted in a colour theme of a rich mahogany, brick red and a peachy cream, creating perfect contrasts in the similar colour palettes, brightening up the space. The restaurant is an open space with massive glass windows giving a clear view of the urban scenario outside. Adjoining the main street, Sassy Spoon overlooks the breezy, urban evenings of Brisbane. To enjoy a relaxing evening, this is the perfect place to be. Very easy to locate with the backdrop of The Gabba, Sassy Spoon is the hub of the perfect modern and chic crowd.


Sassy Spoon’s takeaway food service helps you enjoy such moments from the peaceful confines of your home. You can order anything off the menu from the assortment of delicacies and our staff will prepare and keep the dishes warm for you to take away. We aim to provide value for your money and do not compromise on quality.

For experiencing authentic fusion food, Sassy Spoon is where you should order from. You can’t go wrong while picking a fusion food for takeaway, if its Sassy Spoon. We not only concentrate on maintaining the quality of our food but we also assist our customers in selecting dishes according to their personal tastes. We are just a call away to assist you into selecting your meals. Our Golgappa Shots and Tandoori Chicken Bruschetta are among the most popular and drool-worthy items in the region. The exotic tastes of both the lands are combined in unique delicacies, served fresh and hot from the oven.The menu can be found online. You can reach us at 0737073142. Getting good food now is simply just a click away. 


We aim to provide satisfaction not only through our drool-worthy food but also though our efficient delivery services. You can order from home and our delivery boy will be at your doorstep within half an hour. We cover a 3 km radius for free delivery. After that it is chargeable. Fast and efficient distribution, minimal calling and a polite attitude are the attributes which we concentrate on in our delivery system.

 The food delivered, is also fresh and hot from the oven. Sassy Spoon believes in maintaining the quality of food. Hence cold meals are an absolute negative in our restaurant. It is wrapped up in prime packaging. In the times of the pandemic, health and hygiene are of utmost importance. Hence we strive our very best to provide you with a fresh supply of food. Our delivery staff also maintain the regular standards of hygiene required like sanitising at regular intervals and wearing rubber gloves and masks at all times. In order to prevent the risk of spreading coronavirus through touching dollars, we also request you to pay online if possible, to ensure maximum safety.

Lounge- Bar

A good bevvy and a good view goes hand in hand. Being in a picturesque locale, Sassy Spoon introduces Brisbane’s first Indian Lounge Bar– a place where you can lounge into a warm summer evening with a good view and a few cocktails and the best eats. Suave and chic, the bar encompasses a massive area. Located on the ground floor, beside the cafe area and the Indian sweet shop, the lounge bar is a huge private space having its own entrance across from the parking lot. Sassy Spoon is located at one of the prime hubs of Brisbane. A few steps away from The Gabba, you will spot it while driving up taking a right from the intersection. Being located in such a prime place, it has got its perks as well. The place is a favourite haunt of Brisbane’s most elegant and happening crowd.

The lounge bar also has a provision for a dance floor as well as a space for bands playing live music.  A perfect place to explore your grooves and amp up your moves with your besties, the lounge bar creates the required ambience. If in a musical mood, the lounge bar also serves that end. A variety of both seasoned as well as upcoming music bands, play their magic here. When the city of Brisbane comes alive at night, the rhythmic music and grooving feet serves up a taste of Brisbane’s urban night scene at Sassy Spoon.

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