A good bevvy and a good view goes hand in hand. Being in a picturesque locale, Sassy Spoon introduces Brisbane’s first Indian Lounge Bar– a place where you can lounge into a warm summer evening with a good view and a few cocktails and the best eats. Suave and chic, the bar encompasses a massive area. Located on the ground floor, beside the cafe area and the Indian sweet shop, the lounge bar is a huge private space having its own entrance across from the parking lot. Sassy Spoon is located at one of the prime hubs of Brisbane. A few steps away from The Gabba, you will spot it while driving up taking a right from the intersection. Being located in such a prime place, it has got its perks as well. The place is a favourite haunt of Brisbane’s most elegant and happening crowd.

There is a huge parking lot encompassing the building which holds a capacity of 50 cars. Hence there is ample space and you will not be facing any dilemma regarding parking your cars. Driving down from The Gabba, just take a right turn at the intersection and drive through the gate of the parking lot of Sassy Spoon on your left. We aim to provide a smooth experience without the usual hassles associated with parking.

The lounge bar has an Indian inspired setting which serves up some delicacies from the land of diversity. Alongside your drinks, enjoy the flavourful snacks akin to the Indian taste. The menu has a diverse assortment of wines, beers and spirits. A sophisticated and sleek water-hole, our lounge bar is well stocked. It is also a cocktail bar and is famous for whipping up certain tasteful and unique concoctions. The bar also has the provision of beer on taps. It holds an enviable and fine whiskey collection. 

The scenic locale makes it an absolute staple of catching gorgeous sunsets. That with signature drinks of the bar and soft music playing in the background, sums up a perfect afternoon of relaxation. The bar has got a pleasant vibe to it, creating the perfect ambience for your relaxing sips.

The lounge bar also has a provision for a dance floor as well as a space for bands playing live music.  A perfect place to explore your grooves and amp up your moves with your besties, the lounge bar creates the required ambience. If in a musical mood, the lounge bar also serves that end. A variety of both seasoned as well as upcoming music bands, play their magic here. When the city of Brisbane comes alive at night, the rhythmic music and grooving feet serves up a taste of Brisbane’s urban night scene at Sassy Spoon

The lounge bar has separate spaces for your mood. Be it intimate wine sips to gossipy gin joints or professional whiskey dens to old-school bourbon hours, Sassy Spoon’s Lounge Bar serves it all and more for you to wet your whistle. The bartenders have a complete mastery over mixing of cocktails and have an intense focus over the quality of the concoction made and the drinks served. They are passionate about bringing a new spirit to the drinking scene, essentially keeping up the fusion theme of the restaurant. Our staff is down-to-earth and are there to help and guide you through the various assortments of bevvy to choose your poison. 

Being at a capacity of eighty seater the lounge bar does not intimidate but instead creates intimate spaces for you to relax into. Cushy leather sofas and seaters with maroon carpeted flooring, artistic and tasteful pictures adorning the walls and subtle lighting, create an inviting and a warm atmosphere. The palette of maroon red painted on the walls with stately black pillars and ambient, recessed lighting, creates the required aura for a mysterious and adventurous evening. Be it enjoying with old friends, or chancing upon new exciting encounters, it is the perfect hideout after a long day at work and the best place for a cheerful pop, fizz and clink!


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